Monday, 21 April 2014

A New Civilisation

Trevor Osborne:  The following is based on more than twenty five years of research and discovery involving five world trips and interactions with dozens of dedicated like-minded and like-hearted, individuals.

It is obvious to many that our current society is heading for extinction unless we do something about it, and soon!

Lots of people are trying to do this but they are having little effect in the overall scheme of things. This is partly because our society is far too big and set in its ways to make the necessary changes. But more importantly it is because there are vested interest groups that do not want to change the status quo.

World Harmony has a vision for the future ~

“A world that lives in harmony with nature and all that is. Where everyone is free to live the life they prefer, with love, trust and integrity”

This new world would be structured in a similar fashion to nature that operates through the principles of synchronicity:

  • A world that fully supports each of us while we support it

  • A world that combines the best of the old with the best of the new

  • A world that has a mutually beneficial (win-win-win) operating system

  • A world that has free energy for everyone

  • A world that is healthy and has no dis-ease

  • A world that is clean and free of pollution

  • A world that is in harmony with nature

  • A world that is non-hierarchical

  • A world that is non-limiting

  • A world that is self-governing

  • A world that is transparent

  • A world that is non-judgmental

  • A world that is synchronistic

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