Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Collaboration is The Key

World Harmony is an all-embracing organisation offering support to every other organisation, group or individual, that wants to make contact.  We all support each other, just like the strawberries do growing and multiplying in their strawberry patches.

So whether you're a huge electic car manufacturer with 500 employees, a smaller workshop of 20 producing solar panels locally, or a back shed with you and your grandson, figuring out how to use sound vibration to heat water or have nearly figured out how to lift rocks with a couple of pointed cones, you can tap into World Harmony.


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World Harmony states its purpose right there on the introductory page:  

"... to assist in the NETWORKING of like-minded people."

So if you're looking for a banner to run to that simply SOUNDS like a good idea, World Harmony might not be for you. But if you're already part of a group with others, trying for example, to find good quality durable building materials that only industry insiders would know about (like Trevor), then World Harmony will be a great contact for you.

World Harmony isn't looking for "followers", but it IS looking for "doers" ... and collaborators to become a part of a global network of technologists and back yard chemists and physicists who are in the business of making the world work better than it does now.  It needs new system-makers and paradigm shakers, and all manner of people who are stepping out of the box. What a creative business this is.  It's very exciting !!

Imagine if retired New Zealander Peter Davey had collaborators like World Harmony to turn to and work with. This particular opportunity no longer exists. Mr Davey passed away last year I think it was, and his knowledge of how his invention worked died with him.  There's so many inventions of this type in various stages of completion all over the world... so PLEASE don't let these treasures sit there unshared, until your dying day. And for younger scientists and back yard dabblers, just consider the number of buses there are in the world !!!

Please contact Trevor Osborne in Perth Australia. Start the dialogue. And let's keep changing the world. We need you, (no) I need you... to come and help over-turn this crazy money-hungry corporate system that feeds off the electricity bills and petrol tank fill-ups of billions of people just like me (science illiterate), particularly if you're an eccentric backyard scientist. Here's the place you can come for support, and to share your craziest ideas.  Please come and share...

- Bronny NZ

You are most welcome here:

Peter Davey - Sonic Resonance Boiler

Uploaded on Oct 7, 2008

Sonic Resonance Boiler - The water boil with sound vibration.
Acqua che bolle con le vibrazioni sonore


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