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Administration and Assessment team members


Trevor Osborne. Perth, Western Australia
Founder.  Paradigm Architect.  
Administration & Assessment.

My primary activity within World Harmony for approximately three decades has been to formulate and make known the Blueprint of a New Civilization. Tall order?  Yes, it is.  I don’t pretend I have all the answers but believe I have discovered and identified the fundamentals of what is needed. This involves a set of Guiding Principles to Sychronicity (GPS) upon which this new world could be established. These principles are what guide the Technology Assessment Team in working with inventors and others, ultimately helping us to determine the best projects to develop as the “hardware” of this new society.

I learned the hard way what was involved to successfully research, develop & market the technologies (several variations were developed for different applications). I learned not only what to do but equally important what NOT to do. My know-how includes the funding, technical, and marketing aspects of business.

I plan to bring this expertise to World Harmony to give new energy technology the best chance of succeeding. I’m convinced it’s important to approach this endeavor in Phases… ie: creating and producing one success after another. This approach will breed confidence as well as credibility in who we are, what we are offering, and what we are doing. I’m also a great believer in under promising, and over delivering… so that will be my approach.

For full biography, please go to http://world-harmony.com/trevor-osborne/  

Holly Tucker
Holly Tucker. Florida, USA
Paradigm Engineer
Administration & Assessment.

My dedication to the Energy Assessment Team is due to it being a significant brain trust of passionate inventors and innovators who have studied the new energy field for decades. Their technical knowledge and pledge to develop only Open Source technology is invaluable.

I worked with engineers, architects, governing bodies and end-users to help change long-held destructive habits and beliefs in how we design and build our homes, schools and workspaces. For this transformation to work, we had to prove two key outcomes: higher productivities from greening our spaces and the value of creating win-win-win solutions.

My passion is to help engineer a restoration of humanity using self responsibility and personal liability within a framework of mutual support – like a strawberry patch. This is the purpose of the World Harmony Action Fund. From here, we can reconnect with one another and nature – both essential to our existence as a species.

For full biography, please go to  http://world-harmony.com/holly-tucker/     

Shane Chapin.  North Carolina, USA
Strategist | Inventor | Programmer
Administration & Assessment.

At age 23, Shane found himself catching the attention of forward thinking municipalities with his software driven, solar LED robotic street light.  A slow, near death-like experience five months later changed everything…

I was diagnosed with high levels of heavy metal poisoning, there was a period of about 45 days where my health was increasingly deteriorating which propelled me into intensive research mode. The information and supporting documentation I found was incredibly disheartening. Until this moment in my timeline I was somewhat naive to the powers that be, the influence they have and how deep their tentacles run – from agriculture, pharmacopoeia, education, energy suppression, water quality, banking, and every other aspect of our daily lives. This was a dramatic turning point for me at age 25. Three months later I resigned as C.E.O. of the rapidly growing company I had started called Eco Alternative Solutions and enrolled into the University of Illinois Master Gardner Program.”

Twenty-four months ago I decided I had learned what I needed to learn over the previous two and a half years and had planted a lot of seeds, both in the minds and ground within my community. I had followed my heart and jumped into this movement without hesitation and was passionate about local ecosystems and how they formed the foundation of a healthy community. I had led by example yet this was not the end of my growth nor contribution. Although I still garden intensively, I now treat it more as a way to connect with nature and secure my food source. My heart has led me back to software and more importantly, the opportunity to take my cumulative life experiences and focus them toward positively effecting startup entrepreneurs. Since October of 2011, I have been working on a 5-year plan that addresses common needs of startup teams working toward projects that better our life experience and understanding of basic human needs.

For full biography, please go to  http://world-harmony.com/shane-chapin/  

Mike Waters.  USA
Consultant | Researcher | Inventor

“I believe this mission is vital, urgent, and should be supported at a global level with all possible resources. I can think of no more important task at this time in history.”  -Mike Waters

Michael Waters is an advanced technology consultant, researcher, inventor and sustainable recovery strategist. He has previously owned businesses in, designed and built: multi-axis robotics, adaptive manufacturing systems, experimental aircraft, custom homes, portable housing systems.

In the last twelve years Michael has researched cutting edge science and technologies that redefine current understandings in mainstream physics. He has established a large network of researchers with ideas and technology that profoundly affect the fields of mining, health, food, water, transportation, housing, sustainable economics and environmental recovery. Michael has also assembled a collaborative team of new energy researchers with a number of demonstrable energy breakthroughs that obsolete all current energy sources. These technologies prove conclusively that there is no need to transport or pay for what is already everywhere in unlimited quantity.

Mike Waters : Breakthrough Energy and the Basic Physics of Global 

Published 28 January 2014

For more information visit Michael’s web site:  Cure For Global Crises  and his Bio

For full biography, please go to http://world-harmony.com/mike-waters/

Terry Sisson.  Denver, USA
Researcher | Inventor Paradigm Engineer

I retired at the age of 50 to devote the remainder of my life to creating “a world that works” for the next generation. It is an honor and a privilege to be part of the Assessment Team.  - Terry Sisson

I have spent the past 34 years performing research, as well as assembling research teams, to build and evaluate advanced energy systems. I am a founding member of the New Energy Congress and on the Board of Directors of the New Energy Movement. The goal of the New Energy Congress is to determine the world’s best energy solutions and the New Energy Movement acts as a voice in support of the introduction of these technologies. With a solid background in physics and electronics, these endeavors have taken me all over the globe to visit inventors and evaluate their technologies.

I have come to the conclusion that there are four major systems that need changing “to create a world that works for the people.” Energy is one of the four, since a society cannot advance without it. However people like me, who have studied advanced technologies, are fully aware of how our systems permit established corporations to buy-off politicians and have the government stop technologies that would ultimately benefit the people. Knowing this, I have spent several years working with others to design and build an organic, self-correcting and collaborative system. Once this online system is completed and implemented, it rapidly begins creating an “innovative society,” one that enables and encourages rapid change and places the systems fully under the control and direction of the people.

We are at the dawn of a new age, working together “to create the world we want” rather than continue with the outmoded systems that have existed for centuries. Part of this collaboration is helping fund projects you want to see as part of your future. Do it for you, your family, friends and future generations. Take action NOW.   - Terry Sisson

For full biography, please go to http://world-harmony.com/terry-sisson/

Floris Drupsteen.  Netherlands
IT | Graphic & lighting design | Animator

I’m 43 years old and have lived in the Netherlands all my life. I’ve been working as a creative professional for over 20 years, designing and building websites, creating 2D and 3D motion graphics for large dance parties and doing graphic design and animations for television and corporate video productions.

Over the years I’ve become more aware of how the world we live in functions and felt the need to participate in making a change. Fortunately I’m able to use my skills to help present and promote world changing visions and inventions.

I’m also happy to be of service to World Harmony, such as designing the foundation’s animated logo. To view additional samples of my work click here.

For full biography, please go to  http://world-harmony.com/floris-drupsteen/    

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