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Vision For The World

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  • The following vision of tomorrow’s world is based on our understanding of ‘synchronicity‘ – how it comes into being and how it works when practiced. 

  • It is also based on current research, observation, insight and experience derived from many diverse sources. 

  • It includes knowledge of some of the most up-to-date and practical new technologies and methodologies that will permit us to transform the way we live in very beneficial ways, in a surprisingly short time.

The Vision. The time period is our not-too-distant future.

The world we live in bears little resemblance to the world we knew in times before the 21st century. It is a joyful, exciting world where humanity is united and living in harmony with nature – not against it as we did in the past.

Everyone now acts on the things that excite them the most, with integrity, love and trust – the things that are closest to their hearts, the things that bring them joy and happiness. This generates the on-going process known as “synchronicity”.

Everyone recognises their personal value and how they always “fit” because everyone is a valid and unique part of creation and that no one can take their place, and conversely, they can take no one else’s place.

Everyone supports the society and the society supports them. Everyone is provided with what they need, when they need it, through the process of synchronicity.

Accordingly, the concept of “ownership” has been replaced with “sharing”. Everyone has the divine right use of any and all resources according to their honest needs for as long as that need is present. When they no longer have that need they make it available for others who may now have that need… in perfect timing (another aspect of synchronicity).


A new quantum energy source is now in common use. Every appliance has its own built-in power supply – no more grid, wires or centralized power stations. The energy is free, inexhaustible, non-polluting, portable and accessible throughout the world.

A by-product of this energy is commonly known as “anti-gravity”, or more accurately, “gravity control”. Noiseless gravity control vehicles travel safely at super-high speeds over land and water. They are guided by on-board navigational systems that use this quantum energy as their fuel.

All waste products are either recycled or used for other productive purposes that are themselves recyclable. Land and water are clean and pure – thanks to the microbiological, chemical exchange and electromagnetic technologies that were pioneered in the 1990′s. Nuclear power is no longer used and all radioactive wastes have been neutralised or otherwise made safe by technologies that were developed for this purpose.

The non-limiting, resource-based support system allows people to live their lives the way they want to whilst being of service to others – without the “old tool” of money. 

The eco-system has become more park-like and many of the former desert areas are flourishing as they once did in our distant past.

Forests of the world have largely been re-planted and many species of native fauna and flora are re-established in their native habitats.

Education is primarily focused on developing the student’s natural abilities. Personal growth and well-being are priorities and support is given, when and where needed, to accomplish this.

The above is just one possible new world. Which one we create is up to us as we are the creators of our own reality, both personally and collectively. 

What is it that you want to create?

Start creating now.  

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None of us have to do this alone, any longer.  

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