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Mike Waters @ Breakthrough Energy Movement (BEM) Conference

Mike Waters : Breakthrough Energy and the Basic Physics of Global Recovery

Published on Jan 27, 2014

Mike Waters at the Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference, 2013 Boulder

Presentation :
A crucial discovery of only two primary causes for global crises. The simple mathematical basis for both. A simple formula explains how current wind industry aerodynamics are fundamentally incorrect. Demonstration of a correct design showing dramatic performance increases. How this same formula finally provides a simple explanation and proof of energy amplification far in excess of 100% with examples. Why this discovery is so critical for global recovery. The Lifepod solution.

Michael Waters is an advanced technology consultant, researcher, inventor and sustainable recovery strategist. He has previously owned businesses in, designed and built: multi-axis robotics, adaptive manufacturing systems, experimental aircraft, custom homes, portable housing systems...

24:30 "We have breakthroughs that are overunity, and we're all collaborating... The more we do it, the better off we're going to be."

40:00 "If we work together more, I don't think we'd be facing the same difficulties. The problem with working together in this particular culture... Well... We've been bred to be over-competitive. In reality, each one of us is a jigsaw piece... We have to break through our egos to work together in a collaborative way. We have to train ourselves. It's a bit like "Ego Anonymous" ... and you need to monitor...  If we pay special attention to that... What i've seen with this group of technologist that i'm working with is that we ARE collaborating. Every single one of them is about working together... Maybe we can expand that somehow." -

42:50 "Abundant energy leads to an abundance-based economic system. If you're starting from abundance, and energy can give us this... you're not having to worry about food, water, fuel... 80% of the world's population lives in poverty. We're decimating our environment, we're depleting our resources."

44:00 "Free Energy and collaborative thinking are so tied together.This competitive, dominant culture has created a high percentage of linear thinkers and a low percetage of synergistic thinkers. So how many people are comfortable looking at the world as a system and try to unravel all the issues going on? So they can understand enough to know that in one specific area, they can make the right decision? The system, the culture we created, restricts that kind of thinking."

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